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SHP Alumni Spotlight

COMPASS Mentor Program Brunch

On Sunday, October 27, the COMPASS program held its first-ever in-person event with mentors and students in the program.  Thirteen mentors and eight students participated in networking and leadership building activities during the brunch – including faculty mentors from PT, OT and DMU! Feedback about the program is very positive – if you are interested in mentoring a student, or finding a mentor, check out!

Posted on: November 1st, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

COMPASS Program Takes Off

COMPASSCreating Opportunities through Mentoring and a Passion for Achieving Student Success

SHP is launching COMPASS, a unique program to connect current SHP students and alumni, this fall. The pilot program was a major success. Member of SHP’s “Dean’s Team” were paired with an SHP alumni who are also professionals in the students’ field of interest.

Once the pair is introduced, they are free to email or meet as much as they like. Participants will receive monthly e-mails with conversation starters, discussion topics and ideas to start their journey together. Students and alumni are encouraged to participate and gain from the number of opportunities COMPASS offers.

COMPASS is an incredible chance for students to learn, network and get ahead in the professional world. “You can listen and talk about a professional career for eternity in a classroom, but there is something special about having a conversation with a real-life professional who can give insight about day-to-day work activities,” said COMPASS coordinator, Annie Bastida.

Having a mentor can confirm a student’s love for a profession, or help them realize a different path may be a better one for them. Student, Megan Graham, said, “COMPASS is different from other programs I’ve done. It really helped assure me that physical therapy is what I want to do with my life.”

COMPASS offers more than affirmation of career choice. It gives students a professional connection, which can lead to the start of a network. The program gives students a contact that can introduce them to more professionals, enhancing their educations as well as their future potential.

COMPASS can lead to shadowing, and even internship opportunities. Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound alumna and COMPASS mentor, Kelsy Merideth, was able to connect Steven Twidwell, current DMU student, with another professional to shadow and ultimately intern for. Graduates working in the field have a larger network than most students and can help students meet more professionals and secure internship opportunities.

SHP Alumni Organization President, Nancy Fay, said, “I have linked myself with the school through my work with the Alumni Organization, but I particularly loved being a mentor because it connected me in an even more personal way.”

COMPASS gives alumni the chance not only to help their future professional peers succeed, but also to reconnect with their alma mater. COMPASS manager, Melissa Everett, said, “We connected with alumni that hadn’t been connected with the school for years. This gave them the ability to give back and to be involved with the School of Health Professions.”

SHP is a pioneer with this type of mentor program at Mizzou. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the MU School of Health Professions Office of Alumni & Constituent Relations at 100 Lewis Hall by calling (573) 882-4209, or e-mailing Annie Bastida / Melissa Everitt

Check out this video to hear from students, mentors and the coordinators.

Posted on: July 29th, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

The Touchstone Spring 2013 Edition is Now Live Online!

The newest issue of The Touchstone, SHP’s annual magazine, is hot of the presses and available online ahead of print! As always, if you have news or stories to share, we’d love to hear them! Drop a line on Facebook or Twitter, or email

Posted on: June 20th, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

2013 SHP Graduation Photos are Now Online!

We hope by now you’ve gotten your official graduation photos – these are what we’ll call the “unofficial” photos! Enjoy – and feel free to download any that you want!


Posted on: May 18th, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

SHP Honors Students, Faculty, Staff & Alumni at 2013 Awards Luncheon

SHP’s best and brightest gathered on Friday, May 17 to honor faculty, staff, students and alumni at our annual awards luncheon! Check out the photos of all our winners here. Congratulations!

Posted on: May 17th, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

NSSLHA Update Seminar

SHP Communication Science and Disorder students presented their research at the 22nd annual MU NSSLHA Update Seminar today. Work culminating from the past year was on display while students explained their research findings to visiting professionals of the field. As part of SHP’s mission to serve, the seminar was held to help guest speech pathologists meet the required 30 hours of continued education that must be completed every two years. Along with providing an educational opportunity for speech pathologists, University of Kansas professor Diane Frome Loeb, PhD, held a keynote address for students and professionals alike.

Posted on: February 15th, 2013

SHP Alumni Spotlight

DMU Celebrates Tenth Anniversary & Alumni Reunion!

On Saturday, October 6 the Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program at Mizzou SHP hosted an alumni reunion celebrating TEN years as a program! In attendance was one member of the original class, and guests from all the classes up to today. The group enjoyed reconnecting over pancakes and sausage and were on hand for a short presentation by Dean Richard Oliver. Thanks to everyone who attended, and all those who were here in spirit. We’re looking forward to many more decades of DMU education here at Mizzou SHP!

If you missed it, check out all the photos from the event on Facebook!

Posted on: October 10th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Cindy Daniels, RS ’81, Honored with 2012 Alumni Achievement Award

Cynthia K. Daniels, MS, RT(R)(ARRT), FASRT, returned home to Mizzou on October 5 to be recognized with SHP’s 2012 Alumni Achievement Award. Daniels is Director of Continuing Education and Registration for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), the world’s largest credentialing organization for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals.

In addition to recieving her award, Daniels participated in the Scholarship and Discovery Conversation Series hosting a discussion with faculty and students about what it means to be a “professional.” Daniels’ points included tips for new clinicians and seasoned faculty for keeping your professionalism skills honed as you advance through your career.

Congratulations, Cindy, and thanks for sharing your professional experience with us here at SHP. We’re so pleased and proud when an accomplished alumnus returns to Mizzou!

Posted on: October 8th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

DMU’s 10th Anniversary

We are very excited to celebrate our Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound program’s 10th anniversary!

Moses Hdeib, the DMU program Director, designed both undergraduate and graduate DMU programs from scratch. He said the accumulation of positive developmental changes led to quality changes in the DMU program that culminated into the initiation and then development of the first Master’s Degree in medical ultrasound in the United States.

“I can call this, with pride, a revolutionary change,” Hdeib said.

The program has grown immensely since its beginning especially with the curriculum, educational delivery, goals, faculty and enrollment. But the most important achievement, Hdeib says, is the high caliber of medical ultrasound professionals that the program has prepared for the job market.

The success of the DMU program has been an amazing academic development for the university, but for Hdeib in particular, it has been much more than that. He loves getting letters and emails from another corner of the country, or world, that share his students stories of their professional success and express their gratitude for the quality of education they received at MU’s DMU. He feels pride and joy when employers almost beg for yet another DMU graduate to be hired at their clinic since those already hired did so well, or when DMU students’ names appear as authors of research articles in prestigious peer reviewed journalism and magazines of medical ultrasound.

Hdeib said, “We still believe in change, and at an even more accelerated rate, to keep pace with the job market’s increasing demand for our well prepared graduates.”

So, what can you plan to expect from DMU in the future?

- A new degree completion track that will enable sonographers already practicing ultrasound in various settings who need to complete their ultrasound education to do so an MU. Through this possible educational step in the near future, the DMU program will contribute to the advancement of ultrasound education for many sonographers in the area and nationwide.

- A possible advanced practitioner and ultimately the Ph.D. DMU or Imaging, as a terminal degree in medical ultrasound and imaging, is another projects in the DMU program’s future.

Help us celebrate this milestone with a pancake breakfast on Saturday, October 6th at 9AM in the Lewis Hall Lobby! A short program will follow breakfast. We invite all DMU alumni to come and catch up with classmates and friends. Bring the whole family!

Posted on: September 24th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

The Physical Therapy department received a donation for pediatric equipment and supplies from PT alumna, Gerti Motavalli, MPT. She gave $2,025, which was half of the proceeds from the course Maximizing your Intervention Skills: A lab/practicum course for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Motor Challenges held June 22-24, 2012. 

The SHP Outstanding Alumni Award went to Gerti Motavalli in 2010, and she continues to be a valuable asset to the PT program. She not only contributes financially, but assists as a pedantic PBL tutor in Case Management III and accepts PT students for their pediatric clinical rotations. 

We are thankful to have such generous alumni. How are you staying involved with MU?

Posted on: July 27th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Imagine A Way is a non-profit foundation with the principle that every child should have the chance to reach their full potential. It provides financial support for therapy and also helps deliver a network of resources to help families with children diagnosed with Autism.

One of our alumni – Melissa Menzes – works with Imagine A Way. She posted this video to our Facebook page along with “Thanks to Mizzou’s HRP and OT Program I get to do what i love!”

We love this emotion-filled video, the fact that our graduates enjoy their professions and that they continue to keep us updated on their successes!

Posted on: June 21st, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

The Mizzou SHP Respiratory Therapy Program hosted the first of 2 asthma camps this weekend – this one in Potosi.  Check out these pictures – a good time was definitely had by all!

Click to view slideshow.

The concept behind “Camp Catch-Ya-Breath” is that the camp is FREE for kids with moderate to severe asthma, and is staffed by volunteer health professionals who make sure the kids have a safe camp experience. For most of the kids involved, this camp is their only chance to have a “camp” experience because their asthma makes it too difficult or dangerous to attend a regular summer camp. In addition to fun camp activities like swimming, hiking and crafts, campers learn disease management strategies to help them feel more in control of their lives and their illness.  This weekend’s camp in Potosi was hosted in partnership with Washington County Memorial Hospital. The next camp is June 29-July 1 in Columbia. Visit Mizzou SHP Respiratory Therapy online for more information.

Posted on: June 18th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Touchstone – Spring 2012

Hot off the press! Please take the time to update yourself on everything SHP in this semester’s issue of the Touchstone.


Posted on: May 2nd, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

This week is National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week! We got in touch with a recent graduate to find dive deeper in the field of medical laboratory science.

Tiffany Colvin is a 2006 graduate of the School of Allied Health Professions at Mizzou in the Clinical Laboratory Science Program. This was the first graduating class contracted with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Since graduation, she has been able to serve the Columbia, MO community through positions at Boyce and Bynum Pathology Laboratories and the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital. She has recently completed a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and is currently a faculty member of the University of Nebraska Medical Center Clinical Laboratory Science Program as the Clinical Program Coordinator. She said, “The collaborative program at Mizzou continues to grow every year, graduating ethical, competent, professional clinical laboratory scientists.”

The clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) functions as member of a laboratory team, within an integrated healthcare team, to provide the key elements in preventative care, diagnosis, monitoring, improving, and saving patient lives. A CLS performs complex medical laboratory tests quickly and accurately to generate information about what is occurring inside the patient’s body. A CLS is very good at solving problems, detail-oriented, and possesses keen analytical judgment. Most importantly, a CLS is dedicated to quality patient care.

Medical research continues developing new and more efficient laboratory testing and equipment to accelerate test results. With a median annual wage of $57,000 and an expected 52,000 job openings in the next few years, it’s a career in high demand.  Graduates have the option of working in a hospital, physician’s office, reference laboratory, crime laboratory, clinical diagnostics representation for large companies, traveling, management opportunities, and building their education.  Currently, a clinical doctorate is in the works that will put a clinical laboratory scientist at the bedside with the physicians and nurses to educate, interpret, and recommend specific laboratory tests to increase quality patient care and outcomes.

“I love being a CLS!  It’s an exciting, rewarding career full of endless opportunity. We are dedicated to quality, competence, and professional accountability.”

With new legislation and public awareness, quality assurance in healthcare has become a hot topic.  Clinical laboratory scientists are already ahead of the game, as they have always been accountable for quality control, and reliable results. The dedicated efforts of the laboratory professionals working behind-the-scenes are nationally recognized during National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. It is a great time to increase the general awareness of how critical clinical laboratory scientists are to the mission and vision of every healthcare organization in providing the best patient care.

Posted on: April 23rd, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Todd Bocklage, Class of 1985, was named a voting member of the board of the National Board for Respiratory Care and the Vice Chair of the Therapist Multiple Choice Committee in January 2012.

April 18 was the Spring MU RT Advisory board meeting. The meeting took place via videoconference and each site had cake and balloons as part of the celebration. Congratulations, Mr. Bocklage!

Posted on: April 19th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

MIZZOU participates in Alumni Alliance Legislative Day

Today is Legislative Day at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. Our purpose for sending students is to thank legislators for their support of the University of Missouri. Students also advocate for future support of Missouri’s Flagship University and seek support for the 2012 MIZZOU Alumni Association legislative platform. 

Lance Frank was an SHP student representative and was able to spend time will members of the Missouri Legislature. He visited with Senator Kurt Schaefer, who is a huge advocate for SHP, Representative Sue Allen, an SHP alumna, Representative Chris Kelly, who said he’s be spending all summer on the Cigarette Tax, Representative Caleb Jones, who is from student Lance Frank’s district, and Mary Still, who is working on the Cigarette Tax ballot initiative among other things. He was also able to meet the new system president as well as Wally Pfeffer, the Mizzou Legislative Network Committee Chair. 

Lance Frank with Nancy Fay and Mizzou Legislative Network Committee Chair, Wally Pfeffer on April 3, 2012 at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

Nancy Fay, Lance Frank, and Representative Chris Kelly on April 3, 2012 at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

Lance Frank with Representative Caleb Jones, Nancy Fay and Rose Hayden on April 3, 2012 at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City.

Posted on: April 3rd, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Organization Luncheon

On Saturday, we welcomed members of the School of Health Professions Alumni Organization for a luncheon at Reynolds Alumni Center. The group included several active members of the Alumni Organization and some current SHP students. The best part of the event was discussion between alumni and students about opportunities in their various fields, and hearing alumni of the school talk about what has been most rewarding for them – and how much they appreciate opportunities to give back. Most alumni don’t know that there are opportunities to mentor and support students without even having to come back to Columbia! But on this particular day, the trip back to CoMo was well worth it for alumni – they got to see the men’s basketball Tigers battle the Kansas Jayhawks and come away with a victory!

In this photo, SHP Alumni Organization president Nancy Fay, offers welcoming remarks.

Posted on: February 4th, 2012

SHP Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Visit – Becky & John Hagan

This afternoon, we welcomed Becky and John Hagan! Becky, PT ’67, has just endowed a scholarship for Physical Therapy students at Mizzou. Though the Hagans have been back to Mizzou, this was Becky’s first trip back to (what is now called) the School of Health Professions. When she graduated in 1967, physcial therapy students graduated from the College of Education, and took classes in McHaney Hall. Today, she toured classrooms in Lewis Hall, and got to see a Physical Therapy lab in progress. In this photo, Becky is getting the scoop on everything that’s new in the PT curriculum from chair, Kyle Gibson, and she got to see students in action! Thanks to Becky and others like her, SHP students have more opportunities than ever.

Posted on: January 27th, 2012

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