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Brick Johnstone, Ph.D., ABPP

Brick Johnstone

Health Psychology


Phone: (573) 882-6290
Fax: (573) 884-2320
E-mail: Website:

Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, DC 116.88
115 Business Loop 70W
Columbia, MO 65203

Educational Background

  • B.S., Duke University, Psychology/Art History
  • Ph.D., University of Georgia, Clinical Psychology
  • Internship, University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Fellowship, Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Washington

Classes Taught

  • HP 4001 Humanism and Health Literacy

Research Interests

  • Neuropsychology of Spiritual Experiences
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Health
  • Employment Outcomes of Persons with TBI


  • MU Center on Religion and the Professions Spirituality and Health Research Project

Bibliography of Published Works


Principal Investigator.  A Health Professional Health Literacy Curriculum.  Missouri Foundation for Health.  2010-2012, $287,915, 30% FTE. 

Principal Investigator.  An MRI Study of Selflessness in Persons with TBI. MU Research Board.  2010-2011. $46,797. 

Investigator.  Worksite Intervention to Improve Employment Outcomes for Persons with Arthritis.  Research project o f the $4 million NIDRR funded Missouri Arthritis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (J. Parker, PI, US Dept of Education #H133B031120).  2003-2009, $592,053. 10-25% FTE. 

Project Director, Spirituality and Health Project, MU Center for Religion, the Professions, and the Public.  Funded by  the Pew Charitable Trusts.  2006- 2009, $1.4 million, 30%FTE. 

Principal Investigator.  Rural Missouri Rehabilitation Psychology Internship Program.  HRSA Graduate Psychology Education Program. 2003-2004.  $121,333.  Refunded for 2004-2007.  $462,567.  20% FTE. 

Principal Investigator.  Validation of a Neuropsychological Model of Spirituality.  MU School of Health Professions Research Catalyst Award.  2007, $1,350. 

Principal Investigator.  Missouri Model Brain Injury System (MOMBIS).  National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research.  1998-2002, $1,380,000.  35-45% FTE. 


Mahalik, J., Shigaki, C.L., Baldwin, D., & Johnstone, B. (2006). A Review of Employability and Worksite Interventions for Persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation, 26 (3), 303-311.

Schopp, .L.H., Shigaki, C.L., Bounds, T.A., Johnstone, B., Stucky, R.C., & Conway, D.L. (2006).  Outcomes in TBI with violent and nonviolent etiology in a predominantly rural setting.  Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 21, 213-225.

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Johnstone, B., Glass, B., & Oliver, R.E. (2007). Religion and Disability:  Clinical, Research, and Training Considerations for Rehabilitation Professionals.  Disabilty and Rehabilitation, 29, 1153-1163.

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Johnstone, B., & Glass, B.A. (2008).  Evaluation of a neuropsychological model of spirituality in persons with traumatic brain injury.  Zygon, 43, 861-874.

Franklin, K.L., Yoon, D.P., Acuff, M., & Johnstone, B. (2008).  Relationships among religiousness, spirituality, and health for individuals with spinal cord injury.  Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation, 14, 76-81. 

Johnstone, B., Franklin, K.L., Yoon, D.P., Burris, J., & Shigaki, C.L. (2008).  Relationships among Religiousness, Spirituality, and Health for Individuals Surviving a Stroke.  Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 15, 308-313. 

Cohen, D., Yoon, D.P., & Johnstone, B. (2009).  Differentiating the Impact of Spiritual Experiences, Religious Practices, and Congregational Support on the Mental Health of Individuals with Heterogeneous Medical Disorders, International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 19, 121-138.  

Shigaki, C.L., Johnstone, G., Schopp, L.H. (2009).  Financial and vocational outcomes 2 years after traumatic brain injury.  Disability and Rehabilitation. 31(6), 484-489. 

Johnstone, B. (2009). Spirituality, Religion and Health Outcomes Research:  Findings from the Center on Religion and the Professions. Missouri Medicine Quarterly, 106 (2), 63-66. 

Johnstone, B., Yoon, D.P., Franklin, K.L., Schopp, L.H., & Hinkebein, J. (2009). Reconceptualizing the factor structure of the Brief Multidimensional Measure of Religiousness/Spirituality.  Journal of Religion and Health, 48 (2), 146-163. 

Johnstone, B., Yoon, D.P. , Rupright, J., & Reid-Arndt, S. (2009). Relationships among Spiritual Beliefs, Religious Practices, Congregational Support, and Health for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Brain Injury, 23, 411-419. 

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Campbell, J., Yoon, D.P., & Johnstone, B. (2010).  Determining Relationships Between Physical Health and Spiritual Experience, Religious Practices, and Congregational Support in a Heterogeneous Medical Sample.  Journal of Religion and Health, 49, 3-17.  

Smith, M., Thawani, N., Johnstone, B. & Stucky, R., (2010).  Neuropsychological Decline/Improvement in Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia.  NeuroCase, 16, 352. 

Reid-Arndt, S., Smith, M., Yoon, D.P., & Johnstone, B. (accepted). Gender Differences in Spiritual Experiences, Religious Practices, and Congregational Support for Individuals with Significant Health Conditions. Journal of Religion, Disability, and Health.

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