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Lifestyle Management of Adult Obesity

Physical Exam

On physical examination, Mrs. Jones' PCP found no significant abnormalities of major systems and organs. Heart and lung sounds were normal. Palpation did not reveal any abnormalities in the size of abdominal organs, thyroid, or lymph glands. Mrs. Jones did not complain of a chronic cough, fever, or other signs or symptoms of infection.

Pulse rate was 90 and regular. Blood pressure was 146/94 mm Hg. Electrocardiogram revealed low r-wave voltage in the precordial leads, normal sinus rhythm, normal axis, and an occasional wide-complex beat. Height was 62 inches, bodyweight was 192 lbs, and BMI was 34.75.

Mrs. Jones reports no regular exercise or physical activity. She works at a manufacturing plant and her job is generally sedentary. She does some light flower and vegetable gardening in the spring, summer, and fall, but no more than 30 minutes, 2-3 days per week. There is no history of participation in any type of active recreation on a regular basis.

She reports a weight gain of approximately 50 lbs since giving birth to her third child sixteen years ago.

Pertinent information

Obesity (BMI = 34.75); no history of regular physical activity; borderline hypertensive; low level of lifestyle physical activity.


Problems with compliance secondary to the absence of any history of being able to maintain regular exercise; dietary analysis for fat, saturated fat, fiber, etc.

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