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The content provided in the cases for The Virtual Health Care Team® is designed to provide educational material, not medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider in regard to diseases, treatments, diagnosis, conditions, symptoms, and side effects related to these cases.

The Virtual Health Care Team® does not guarantee accurate, adequate, current, valid, complete, suitable, or qualified information for any purpose.

The Virtual Health Care Team® includes links to other sites and is not responsible for the content posted on these external sites. References to the services or products of corporations are not endorsements and are provided “as is” without warranty, expressed or implied.

The Virtual Health Care Team® is a registered trademark.

Instructors who desire to use a Virtual Health Care Team® case in their classes should click "permission for use" at the upper right of case pages and send us the information requested.

All content, images, graphics, and other material is copyrighted by the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri.

Some people pictured in these cases are actors. Patient identifying information has been changed. Some cases are a composite of more than one person.

We save no identifying information including information from quizzes.

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